Team S.W.I.S.H.

Our Women Lead...Our Girls Follow!


1. What does S.W.I.S.H. stand for and what is your organization's mission?

S.W.I.S.H. is an acronym that stands for SPORTS WILL INITIATE SMART HABITS. Although basketball is the main forcus for Team S.W.I.S.H., we believe in the importance of being active in general as young people so healthy habits are already formed by adulthood. The Team S.W.I.S.H. mission is two-fold: to develop the fundamental skills and maximize the God-given talents of each basketball player; while at the same time mentoring and role modeling what it means to be a successful young lady who will become a successful woman.

2. What is AAU/YBOA?

Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest sports organizations in the U.S. Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) is the other major organization that focuses on girls basketball. They sanction state, regional and national tournaments. Team S.W.I.S.H. is a registered club for AAU and YBOA. All players and coaches have to be members of the AAU and/or YBOA in order to compete in tournaments. Please see their website for more information and

3. Are your teams only for "elite" or high level players?

While Team S.W.I.S.H. looks to compete at a higher level than you would at the church league or recreation level, we do offer developmental teams as well. We also encourage training programs for all players to continue to improve their fundamental and individual skills.  

4. What ages/grades are your teams?

We currently have middle school teams for rising 7th through 8th graders as well as high school players in grades 9th-11th. We are expanding to include 5th/6th graders in 2019!

5. What type of commitment is expected?

The level of commitment is definitely a step up from what players may be used to if they have never played at a competitive level of basketball before. There will be practices twice per week and weekend tournaments in different locations around the city 2 to 3 times per month. Some tournaments are Friday through Sunday but most Saturday & Sunday with 3 to 5 games total, so there is a time commitment for all involved. Because practices are only twice per week it is very important that parents are committed to making sure players get to practice and games (unless players drive themselves). It's only fair to teammates and other parents to consider your ability to commit. For teams that play more tournaments, most of the season occurs when students are out of school for summer break, so there isn't alot of interference with school activities. 

6. How often and where are practices? 

Teams will typically practice during the evenings twice per week at a minimum, with additional practices as needed for special circumstances (like a major tournament or qualifier). We utilize several gyms and your final team assignment may determine where your practices are held.  2019 locations TBD

7. Is playing time guaranteed?

Playing time or a certain amount of minutes per game is not guaranteed like it is for church or recreation leagues. Various factors like skill level, practice attendance, opponents, etc. may play a role in who plays when. Our focus is on always improving and continued development and coaches are trusted to utilize players accordingly. Games can be good opportunities to develop players however coaches will have the final say on playing time. 

8. Are there try-outs?

Try-outs will be held for middle school players in early to mid February and high school age players must wait until their school seasons are over to try out, which is typically mid February (unless their team is playing in the state tournament). Please SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list so that you receive the latest details on try-out dates, locations and times.

9. What is included in team fees?

Team fees include home and away uniforms, shooting shirt, gym rental fees, AAU/YBOA membership and tournament entry fees. Actual uniform specifics as well as the total number of tournaments played may vary. Travel costs for exposure/travel teams (high school players) are NOT included in team fees.  

10. Are there additional costs for travel teams or out of town tournaments?

Travel team tournaments for high school players are more expensive than regular tournaments and therefore the fees associated with playing on a travel team tend to be higher. Out of town costs for tournaments not held in GA also increase the overall financial commitment for the elite travel teams. However, the opportunity to get to play in front of college coaches and scouts at exposure events can be worth it if your daughter wants to play college basketball. 

11. Where are tournaments played? Do teams go out of town or play locally?

Tournament locations and frequency will vary from team to team. Most tournaments are held locally in Georgia, while the more competitive and/or travel team tournaments can be out of state. National tournaments (depending on age group), are usually out of State as well if teams qualify and decide to go.

12. Do you participate in fundraising? 

The club may decide on one major fundraiser per season to help offset any

additional costs (ex. going to national tournaments, travel fees, extra gear, etc.)

13. What are the expectations of parents?

Because every adult plays a role in the lives of the children we're around, it is our expectation that parents and guardians model appropriate behavior at all times. We ask for parents to be their child's number one cheerleader. Be supportive, encouraging and positive, allowing the coaches to coach, the referees to ref and the players to play.

14. Who are your coaches?  

Team S.W.I.S.H. is dedicated to providing players with coaches who understand the importance of skills and fundamentals building. Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds including high school varsity programs, experienced AAU/travel team coaches and personal trainers. Team S.W.I.S.H. prides itself in being a program that has 100% female coaches who are committed to showing our female athletes what it means to be a leader on and off the court.