Due to Covid-19, all Team SWISH travel basketball activities have been cancelled until further notice. 
Stay Safe!
Sports Will Initiate Smart Habits!
Our Women Lead...Our Girls Follow!

2017 "Tournaments R Us" 7th Grade Runner-Up

2017 "Tournaments R Us" 10th Grade Champs!

2017 "Girls Night Out" 10th Grade Champs!


The Team S.W.I.S.H. mission is two-fold: to develop the fundamental skills and maximize the God-given talents of each basketball player; while at the same time mentoring and role modeling what it means to be a successful young lady who will become a successful woman.



We value our coaches as uniquely talented and highly motivated individuals with proven leadership skills and we entrust them with the charge of passing along those traits to our players.


We value our players, regardless of their athletic ability and challenge them to constantly strive to be THEIR best. S.W.I.S.H. players will always work towards excellence both on and off the court.


We value our relationships with parents that enable us to develop lasting partnerships which support and encourage our Team S.W.I.S.H. players.